WOW Open Courses

  1. Counseling Academy

For those who have serious interest in emotion-regulation/relationship-building/communication improvement, this program offers theories for counseling fundamentals. Anyone engaged in religious/spiritual/counseling fields are welcome..

2. Basic Psychology Courses


helps to boost self-confidence and self-trust in one's own heart to the extent for the self to take stable control over one's own psyche.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

helps to learn interaction skills through the child-Directed interaction and parent -Directed interaction.

communication improvement

helps to listen to and reflect what they hear.


helps to understand the function of emotions and how to regulate overwhelming emotions.

3. Advanced Counseling Courses

assists with professionals working in counseling fields already who feels the need for re-learning, growth, and progress. These courses offer in-depth examination/analysis over challenges arising in the counseling/healing space.

Understanding of transference and countertransference

helps to understand the inter-subjective process between the counselor and the client relationship.

Loss and Grief

helps to how to respond and contain the loss of loved ones and how to process grief.

Understanding trauma

helps to understand the attachment trauma and its impact upon the personality, body and soul.

Internal Family Systems therapy

helps to learn the theory and practice of IFS.