WOW Academy for KACCP

KACCP License Programs

WOWCC is an accredited educational organization of KACCP located in South Korea for all levels of KACCP licenses. WOWCC provides curricula which satisfy all the requirements for KACCP licensing trainings. Click here for Online Application Form .


1 year/KACCP Level 3


First Semester

Christian (Pastoral) Counseling, Developmental Psychology,

Major Counseling Skills Education with Practice (20 hrs)

Second Semester

Psychodynamic Therapy,

Abnormal Psychology,

Supervision (Individual 3hrs, Group 20 hrs)


1 year/ KACCP Level2

Prerequisite : 1 year of Internship


First Semester

Group Counseling , (20hrs),

Major Counseling Skills Education with Practice Supervision (Individual 5hrs, Group 20hrs)

Second Semester

Family Therapy,

Psychological Tests Education (10hrs),

Group Counseling (16hrs),

Supervision (Individual 5hrs, Group 20hrs)


For those who need Practical Training only

Practicum: Practice within the setting of Counselor-Client-Observer (24hrs)

Educational Psychoanalysis

For Prospective Professional Counselors

Psychoanalysis for both Counselors-In-Training and Counselors in need of developing self-analysis.